Author Introduces The Poetic Scriptures Of John

Michael D. Wester pens The Poetic Scriptures of John, a poetry book that channels God’s Word to rhythm and rhyme. Wester shares how his piece of work came to life. One night when he was bidding goodnight to his teenage son, a piece of paper caught his attention. “What is this?” he asked.

“It’s a homework assignment. I had to create a rhyming poem and I chose to make it about the sufferings of Christ.” his son replied. As he read the poem, it impacted him deeply. He concluded that it was due to the rhythm of the poem and the rhyming. He urged his son to transform John 3:16 into a rhyming poem with the aim of being as close to the meaning of the verse as possible.

Wester said goodnight to his son and then retired for the night. However, he could not sleep. All kinds of possibilities gushed into his head. This sparked the idea of transforming the gospel of John into rhyme while remaining faithful to the intent of the author.

The Poetic Scriptures of John is an English translation of the original writings traditionally attributed to John, but arranged in rhythmic rhyme. Occasionally, the meaning of a word or phrase is elaborated to produce rhyme. On rare occasions information from other parts of the Bible are used. Furthermore, the contents have been examined by several pastors and Bible scholars to ensure the theological and biblical accuracy of every verse.

Wester seeks to glorify the Lord through this book, edifying every reader with God’s word written in a most interesting way. Enjoy reading God’s word from the unputdownable poetry book by Michael D. Wester!